Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Palin sues government to stop protection of whales

Dumbass animal-killer Sarah Palin is working out new ways to terrorize wildlife in Alaska.

She's already sued the federal government to stop them from listing the polar bear as threatened; now she is suing them again to challenge their protection of the beluga whale, whose population in Cook Inlet, Alaska, has dwindled to about 375 individuals.

Ironically, it was the National Marine Fisheries Service under the Bush administration who listed this population of whales as endangered; during Bush's tenure, the numbers of animals added to the endangered or threatened list was smaller than any other President since the Endangered Species Act was passed: 61 species over Bush's eight years, compared to 522 protected during the Clinton administration.

Yet, for all of the Bush administration's indifference to the disappearance of wildlife, at least they protected a few animals. Sarah Palin's treatment of her state's wild animals, on the other hand, is without precedent, and involves suing the feds for those few animals that they have protected, in order to protect the interests of the oil industry.

Remember how the "maverick" Palin stood up to Alaska's oil industry? Clearly, standing up to them means bending over backwards and sacrificing the state's animals so that their profits will not be threatened, even one bit.

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