Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol: Who will the top 36 be?

So tonight American Idol will, after a long two hours, reveal the 36 semi finalists. I've always found it strange that, given that there are no more performances after last night's show, that the final 36 were not just chosen last night. Instead, each year, the judges winnow down the Hollywood group until there are about 48 people left, and then, with no new information, winnow them down the next day until we reach our 36 who will be featured on the show.

Anyhoo, I'm rooting for:

To go home, FAST:

Drama queen Tatiana
Ridiculous waste of time Bikini Girl (she's gone already, but still)
Could he be any lamer Nick/Norm Gentle
Let's not have a pity vote Scott the Blind guy

To stay on to the finals:

Dreamy and smart Anoop
Widower and sweetheart Danny and his pal Jamar
Lovely and soulful Frankie Jordan
Joplin sound-alike Jackie Tohn
Working class guys Michael and Matt
Adam with the Pete Wentz hair
Matt who played the piano

If Anoop goes home, I vow that I will not watch this show ever again.

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  1. top 36 thoughts:


    First blush - I haven't heard them all sing, but already I like: