Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alexis took the night

Last night's American Idol had one amazing performance, a couple of good ones, and some truly terrible, almost shameful performances.

Alexis Grace, who I never even noticed during the auditions or Hollywood week, did an amazing job with Aretha's "Never Loved a Man." My own favorites leading up to the evening, Anoop and Jackie Tohn, did alright, but not as great as they could have done. Another favorite, Danny, did a fine job although for some reason Paula, Randy and Kara thought he turned water into wine.

Who humiliated themselves? Casey Carlson, who I don't remember ever seeing before, and Stevie Wright, who is normally a fine singer but sang a bubblegum song that made the judges, and me, cringe. Stephen Fowler, while he didn't humiliate himself exactly, sure didn't do himself any favors with that Michael Jackson impersonation.

The biggest surprise of the evening was Tatiana, who not only did quite a nice job with Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love for You," but also behaved as if she were in a cloud of Xanax, an interesting change (although not necessarily an improvement) from her Ecstacy-induced performances during Hollywood week.

I suspect that tonight we'll see Danny, Alexis, and I hope Anoop move on to the next round, although America loves a working man, which means we'll probably see Michael or Brent in the third position.

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  1. My favorites from last night were Alexis and Danny. I also thought Anne Marie did good.
    Anoop did better than they gave him credit for.
    I suspect there will be a fourth "conselation" round, so always hold out hope.