Friday, February 13, 2009

American Idol Top 36

So for once, this year I am happy about the top 36. I come from a long line of gamblers, so my money is on the following for the top 12:

1. Anoop Desai (did I mention he's smart AND dreamy?)
2. Adam Lambert (but please, please, get rid of that haircut)
3. Jackie Tohn (with the whiskey & ciggies voice)
4. Tatiana del Toro (because the judges know we need someone to despise)
5. Ariana Afsar (sweet voice, sweet girl)
6. Jasmine Murray (the r&b choice)
7. Lil Rounds (see #6)
8. Matt or Michael (because there's only one blue collar spot)
9. Nathaniel Marshall (the openly gay spot cries out for him)
10. Scott McIntyre (because, well, he's blind)
11. Danny Gokey (because his wife died)
12. Brent Smith (the country spot)

I imagine one of the many blondes will make it onto the show as well, but given that I can't tell one from the other, I'm not going to bother to guess who it might be.

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