Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chimpanzee killed because people are idiots

Yesterday, a pet chimpanzee named Travis was shot and killed after mauling his "owner's" friend. The chimpanzee lived in Connecticut with Sandy and Jerome Herold, who apparently thought a wild chimpanzee would make a good pet.

Today, Travis is dead.

Every few months, another story hits the news about a wild "pet," whether chimpanzee, tiger, leopard or snake, who mauls his owner or another unlucky person.

When will idiots like the Herolds realize that wild animals are not pets? That just because you raise a chimpanzee in your home, that doesn't make him a person, or even a dog? It was reported that the Herolds fed Travis wine, and that yesterday, when he began acting odd, Mr. Herold gave him a Xanax to calm him down.

After Mrs. Herold tried to stop Travis' attack by stabbing him with a knife, a police officer arrived and shot him; he didn't die right away, though. Instead, he limped back to his cage where he died in a pool of his own blood.

Let's hope this tragic story stops some other idiot who thinks bringing home a wild animal and making it into a pet is a great idea.

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