Saturday, February 7, 2009

Albuquerque Pimp pleads guilty; Girlfriend stands by his side

So yesterday in local news, an Albuquerque man plead guilty to pimping out college students from UNM. I don't actually have a problem with sex work per se; where it's legal and regulated, women (or men) can choose, in as much as one chooses to be a prostitute, to work in conditions that are free of violence and disease, as in some European countries and much of Nevada.

But when there's a pimp involved, there's just nothing going on but exploitation. James Bays, who ran a service called Desert Divas, is called by his lawyer a "man with a loving family... a man that's got the potential to do something with his life."

Let's hope the devoted family man chooses for his next career a job that doesn't make money off of young women have sex.

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