Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ridiculously cute picture of the day

From the Sun:

"This otter cub looks delighted to be cuddling up to a teddy bear – just days after she was found on the brink of death.

The skinny, starved animal was saved after caring Camilla Ravenshear discovered her wandering alone on a road and showered her with care and attention.

Ms Ravenshear took the baby otter into the warm and fed her overnight, before reluctantly giving her up to experts at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue near Highbridge, North Somerset.

Founder Pauline Kidner said the poorly animal named Hope by her rescuer, was half the weight she would expect for her age of around eight weeks when she was found near the River Exe.

She said it was “quite incredible” that her Ms Ravenshear managed to sustain her overnight.

“She did so well,” said Ms Kidner. "The otter certainly wouldn’t have lasted many more hours.
“She’s really painfully thin, and when she came to us on Saturday, she was very dehydrated.”

Hope was kept in an incubator for the first day and now spends her time eating and sleeping.

But already, she has built up some limited strength, and Ms Kidner is confident she will survive.
Otters like company, and Ms Kidner will now try to find Hope a mate of a similar size and age."

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