Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eagerly awaiting American Idol

After last night's wild card nominees were chosen, I'm eagerly awaiting tonight's episode, and at the same time, am a bit perplexed by some of the judge's choices.

While I'm thrilled that they brought back talented (and dreamy) Anoop, I am confused about some of the other choices.

Tatiana--really? Did she ever sing good enough to make it into even the semi-finals? I have to wonder if she's on deck again because of the obvious drama that she will bring to the show. Many of the finalists have been, as Simon says, forgettable, and that is a term that can't be used to describe Tatiana.

The other wild cards weren't terrible picks, but they weren't really my picks either. I wanted to see Jackie Tohn come back, and like Arianna, although she did a horrific job the other night. I am happy to see Jasmine back, and like Jesse and Megan as well. But the others leave me feeling blah. And something about Von Smith--I have to look away when he sings, because he makes me uncomfortable.

Beyond the wild card choices, America's choices leave me with mixed feelings. Some of the top twelve clearly deserve to be here, based on talent alone: Alexis, Adam, Allison and Lil Rounds. But I think some of the finalists won votes thanks to their personalities or backstories: Danny (dead wife), Michael (working guy), Jorge (first Spanish speaker), and Scott (blind). They're not bad singers, but I don't think they're finalist quality.

Still, this season has some great performers, and I'll admit that the backstories do make for interesting watching.

But if Anoop doesn't make it onto the finals tonight, I will be DONE with this show. DONE.

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